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November 2013
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Paul Drye [userpic]
Space Nazis!

Again! It's like these guys were overambitious nutbars or something!

Sonnengewehr: The Sun Gun

Some stories on this have circling the web the last few of days (the epicentre appears to be a Gizmodo article), so I figured I'd best pull my notes on it together and say something myself for False Steps. Much more detailed than the other articles you've seen on it, if you've seen them.


Looks like something out of Iron Sky.

That's the thing about Nazi grandiosity -- it's hard to trump it even in fiction.


I always think of giant sun-mirrors as a Soviet thing, since they seemed to like to speculate about using them for benign purposes, like making it sunnier in Moscow.


When I was a boy I heard about something like this from my grandfather. No idea where he heard about it — I was young enough that everything he told me was true because he'd seen it :-)